PedroXGajardo DepartamentoXdeXMatemática

Pedro Gajardo
Associate Professor
Departamento de Matemática
Analysis & Mathematical Modeling Valparaiso
Universidad Técnica Federico Santa María

Avda España 1680
Office: F 332
Valparaiso, Chile
(56 32) 2654490- phone
pedro.gajardo *



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Research Interests

Variational analysis, control of biological processes, sustainable management of fisheries, modeling and control of communicable diseases.

Researchers Aim to Optimize Disease Prevention in Prison Populations with Rapid Testing, article by Jillian Kunze (SIAM News) about a recent paper published in SIAM Journal on Control and Optimization.

Viability Theory Addresses Sustainability and Social Issues, article by Karthika Swamy Cohen (SIAM News) about my talk at the SIAM Conference on Mathematics of Planet Earth (MPE18).

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Last updated: July 2022