Pedro Gajardo
Departamento de Matemática


Recent preprint and submitted papers

  • V. Martinet, P. Gajardo, and M. De Lara, Bargaining with intertemporal maximin payoffs. Submitted 2019.

  • A. Donoso-Bravo, P. Gajardo, M. Sebbah, and D. Vicencio, Comparison of performance in an anaerobic digestion process: one-reactor vs two-reactor configurations. Submitted 2019.

  • L. Doyen and P. Gajardo, Sustainability standards, multi-criteria maximin and viability. Submitted 2019.

  • P. Gajardo and C. Hermosilla, Pareto fronts of the set of sustainable thresholds for constrained control systems. Submitted 2018.

  • P. Gajardo and C. Hermosilla, The viability kernel of dynamical systems with mixed constraints: A level-set approach. Submitted 2018.

Publications (journal)